Roots and Wings

Roots & Wings paints a touching portrait of four individuals who, in all their diversity, have two things in common: their Moroccan roots and their love for people of the same sex. 

We see young people who manage to spread their wings and embrace being themselves, without denying their roots. The documentary starts and ends with a gripping testimony from Hassan Jarfi - father of Ihsane. Ihsane Jarfi was murdered in 2012 by four young men who thought he had no right to live because of his homosexuality. 

Roots & Wings is about dreams and desires, about family connection and love. The documentary modestly tackles a subject that cannot always be easily discussed. It is a nuanced and hopeful picture that portrays the portrayed in various aspects of their being.

Target audience

Anyone who is open to familiarize themselves with the lives and the world of LGB people with a migrant background



The documentary is in Dutch and French. English subtitles are available, as well as a version dubbed in Darija (Moroccan).


Organize a screening

The documentary can be shown in co-organization with Merhaba for your target audience. 

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