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We warmly welcome you regardless of your gender, your sexual preference, your colour, your ethnicity, your nationality, your status, your religion. You are just welcome, as a person.

June Calendar

You can find an overview of our activities of the month here

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Merhabox !

Next edition: Tuesday the 11th of June 2024! From 6 pm to 7.30 pm.

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MERHABA IS BACK with the 3th edition of QUEER TRIBES!

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Merhaba works to unite and empower the LGBT+ community with a migrant background. Together we build towards an inclusive and caring society that each of us feels a part of whilst also feeling safe and at home.


NEXT EDITION: Friday the 28 of June 2024 from 6.30 pm till 1.00 am

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Support group (NL/FR)

Wednesday the 26th of June 2024 (French) and Wednesday 24 July 2024 (Dutch) from 06.30 - 08.00 pm

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Together for human dignity and solidarity