Volunteers as beating heart

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Merhaba is primarily a volunteer association, supported by professionals. Volunteers are indispensable: they play a critical role in providing Merhaba with the necessary capacity to work toward achieving its mission and vision. 


The role of volunteers

There is a wide range of tasks and activities that volunteers perform for Merhaba. These tasks range from pure support and administrative tasks to partial aid with larger projects giving them room for initiative and ownership. Volunteers are involved in all programs and activities of the organization and serve at all levels of decision-making.


Volunteer program

Merhaba offers a volunteer program to ensure that volunteers remain safe, connected and engaged. It is designed to prepare and upskill volunteers, to shift the focus from inequality to inclusivity. It also provides a system to support the creation of a deeper emotional connection with themselves and others, which allows for the possibility of authentic connection and inclusion. 


Become a Merhaba volunteer

Merhaba is always recruiting new volunteers. Would you like to contribute to create an inclusive society while empowering yourself, building relationships and being part of a dynamic community? 

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