For whom?

We warmly welcome you regardless of your gender, your sexual preference, your colour, your ethnicity, your nationality, your status, your religion. You are just welcome, as a person.

Merhaba works with/for: 

1. LGBT+ people whose religious, cultural and migration background plays an important role in their identities. 

This includes people:

  • who feel attracted to people of the same sex
  • whose gender identity differs to the sex assigned at birth
  • who question their sexuality, sexual preference and gender identity
  • who do not recognize themselves in the dominant norms and categories regarding sex, gender and sexual orientation
  • who fled their countries out of fear of persecution and/or violence because of their sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and intersex condition, and this regardless of their residence status.




2.    Family members, partners and friends of LGBT+ people with a migrant background, who are in need of information or a listening ear.

3.    Professionals who (in)directly come into contact with LGBT+ people with a migrant background and/or their family members. This includes professionals in socio-cultural organisations, welfare organisations, service sector, education, youth work/organisations, integration sector, civil society, … but also professionals such as lawyers and doctors, and future professionals.