Who we are

Merhaba (“Welcome in Arabic and Turkish) is a movement comprising women, men and trans-gender persons mainly with roots in the Magreb, the Middle East, Turkey and sub-Saharan Africa who feel attracted by persons of the same sex and/or question their own sexuality or gender identity.

Our aim is to promote the welfare, emancipation, social participation and acceptability of all LGBTQIs (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender, queer, questioning en intersex persons) from ethno-cultural minorities - irrespective of age, nationality, ethnic background, race, gender, faith, status, ...

We do this on the one hand be offering easy access to the target groups (that is, to LGBTQIs from ethno-cultural minorities) and on the other hand by  informing and raising awareness in the different groups or systems they are part of or come into contact with (in the ethno-cultural minorities, the traditional LGBTQI movement, the educational and social services and the broader population).

Merhaba also contributes to the inter-culturalisation of the LGBTQI movement, social assistance organizations and service organisations, education, society. With a multiple identity, Merhaba moves easily between reference frameworks and social groups. In this way it can enter into respectful dialogue with, and build bridges between, the  different groups.