For whom?


For You

Do you have Moroccan roots? Senegalese? Turkish? Armenian? Do you feel attracted to someone of the same gender? Have you questions about your gender identity? Is it not clear whom you could talk to in your environment?

You can bring your questions to us confidentially, we offer you the possibility to meet others like yourself, you can share in one of our many activities or simply feel at home in the secure atmosphere of the safe havens which we create together. 

As our name indicates - Merhaba means welcome in both Arabic and Turkish - we will offer you a warm welcome, whatever your gender, sexual preferences, colour, origin, nationality, religion... You are simply welcome as a person.


Parents and family

You have discovered that your son/brother/nephew.... feels attracted to a boy? You know that your daughter/your sister/ your niece/ ... loves women? You don't know what to make of this? Are you or someone else like that? What does that mean?

You are disappointed? Is it your fault? Are you angry? Should you discuss it with him/her? How?

Your heart stops at the thought of what the family are going to say?, And how about your religious leaders? You are anxious about your child's future? You need information? You dare not mention it to anyone else?


You can come to us absolutely confidentially with all your questions. We can offer you free of charge the possibility of speaking to an expert..


Call us on 0488 572 574 or send an email to: