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As a man you are physically attracted to other men. You are a woman and are sleeping with your girlfriend. Each person has a right to love and be loved; everyone has the right to experience their sexuality as long as this is done with mutual respect. Just one thing: when you make love, do it safely. Do you have any questions about this? 

Sensoa promotes sexual health as a centre of expertise in Flanders (Belgium) and does so with an international perspective.

Jamal testifies:

When I held my boyfriend in my arms for the first time it felt exciting and strange. My head was spinning and I had to laugh all the time. I was happy I was in good hands. My boyfriend was considerate to me and I could decide how far we would go. The sense of security I felt then is indescribable. My boyfriend had arranged everything so we could do it safely and this really gave me a lot of confidence.