Activities & Projects

Activities: Bringing people together

Initially, Merhaba was a self-organisation for and of people with a migration background, who were attracted to people of the same sex and/or had questions about their genderidentity. As such, in the beginning, Merhaba mainly focused on bringing peers together - people who found themselves in a similar situation or had similar questions, and could get to know and strengthen each other during Merhaba activities.  

Bringing people together as a tool for emancipation is still one of the main activities of Merhaba. The best known activities, which are organised regularly, are the MerhaBar and Merhaba Funky Parties

  • De MerhaBar is a bar & safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people with  a migration background, every last thursday of the month in the Rainbowhouse in Brussels. We offer fresh mint tea, Moroccan biscuits, and above all: a warm welcome. Most of all, MerhaBar is a meeting point for peers, where one can talk to each other, share stories and experiences. 
  • During Merhaba Funky Parties the atmosphere is a bit more vibrant. Cha'abi, raï, oriental house, belly dance, Turkish pop - a funky mix of beats, sounds and rhythms from the heart of Tanger, Istanbul, Beirut and Cairo.  

In addition to the activities for our primary target group, Merhaba also organizes events for a wider audience, which are usually aimed at informing and sensitizing. Keep an eye on our calender for upcoming training sessions, film screenings, lectures, etc. 


Projects - make people reflect

Projects are aimed at putting brains in motion and make people reflect about how they look at the world and others. Often, projects focus on themes like exclusion and stigmatization, within traditional LGBT contexts and ethnic minority groups. 

Projects are more succesfull if they are supported by many organisations - which is why we always look for partnerships with other organisations, federations, governmental departments, etc.