Merhaba is both an LGBQTI organisation and an organisation of ethnocultural minorities. Thanks to our  multiple identity we can contribute to different social groups and movements. In order to implement our role as bridge-builder between the various groups and communities we  invest in networks. We also work continuously to expand and reinforce our networks by means of respectful dialogue, exchange of information, internal think-tanks and/or through active collaboration in joint campaigns.

Merhaba is inter alia. A member of the Rainbow House, FMDO,the Brussels Platform of the Minority Forum, BWR, HOB, CHB, çavaria, the joint council of the De Markten community Centre. Merhaba is also a founder-member of “Rainbow Cultures” and “Rainbows United”. Alongside this, Merhaba collaborates with dozens of different organisations, including the regional and local holebi and transgender organisations, the community centres, WJNH, BWR, CAW’s, Sensoa, Exaequo, Alias, Kif Kif, ELLA, the Minderhedenforum, KAV Intercultureel, FMDO, C.D.F., Caleidoscoop, NextGenderation, VOK, Vrouwenraad, Citizenne, CBAI, Mana, Motief, CIMIC, WISH, Fedasil, CRIPEL, ….

(*) LGBTQI : lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and intersex.